Our farm for families and children in Terento

Animal adventures & lots of fun

We have to travel a long way to get to the lovely Mair am Graben farm in Terento, but it's definitely worth it. When I say "we", I mean our three children, Lea (5), Jakob (7) and our teenage daughter Susanna (14), my husband and me - mother of three (or sometimes four). For some time now, we've been coming every year to this wonderful farm for families and children in South Tyrol.
"Children, patience please, we're nearly there! What do you like best?" "Blacky and Alina, Johanna, Gabriel and Leni!" says Lea with shining eyes. "The night in the barn - and the calves!" adds Jakob. "What about you Mummy, what do you want to do?"


"I can't wait to find out what new trips and excursions Meinhard has thought up this year!" In my mind, I can already picture myself at the top of a wonderful mountain. "Oh Mummy", grumbles Lea, "Why do you always want to go out walking? It's so nice just to stay at the farm!" Daddy smiles at that. "And you, dad?" asks Susanna. "I'm looking forward to the fresh jam - and the welcome cake, of course. I hope it's the coconut one. So delicious!" "Dad, you're only interested in eating." We burst out laughing. Yes, we all feel so at home with Meinhard and Marlena. Their hospitality is worth its weight in gold.

(Family L, Germany)

Cock-a-doodle-doo, moo & meow: the animals on our farm

Our children's farm in South Tyrol is like a huge adventure park. There's something to find in every corner! Our "treasures" include our animals, which are the joy not only for children. Blacky our dog is a loyal playmate, and you can hear the bees buzzing and the cats purring while they wait to be stroked. Our calves, cows, rabbits and hens are also curious to see our visitors, both new and old.

Flowers in the garden

Your holiday home: the farm and courtyard

In summer, we plant lots of colourful flowers around the farmhouse, and together with our large, well-tended vegetable garden these are among the most attractive features of our farm. For quiet moments, we recommend a visit to our farm chapel. We will be happy to take you on a guided tour of the farm, by previous request.

Care for families: adventure farm for families in South Tyrol

The only way to our child-friendly farm is by our private access road. This means one thing above all: lots of space to play and have fun without being disturbed. Anyone who wants to can always go and say hello to our cows. Our bright, airy cowshed is always open to guests. Children can watch these peaceful creatures while they're eating, sleeping or just chewing the cud. Or they can enjoy whizzing along the wide passageway in the stables on a skateboard or waveboard. And that's just the start of it! All around the farmyard there are so many opportunities for play: the climbing rope, the trampoline, the swing, the slide, the sandbox with water tap, bikes, push scooters, a ping-pong table, a tree house, various swings in the trees, trees for climbing, and much, much more.

Special experiences

Highlights & special experiences

To become good farmers, you need to start young: we provide work overalls, gum-boots and hats, brooms and little wheelbarrows. Anyone who wants to help out on a real South Tyrolean farm, and perhaps milk a cow and then taste the fresh milk, is very welcome on our family farm! And as a reward for all your work, you can spend a night in the hay, snugly wrapped in a sheet sleeping bag! An experience not to be missed!

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