Our ancestral farmstead

A look behind the scenes:
history and culture

A piece of history
The Mair am Graben farm was first recorded in the 13th century. At that time, the so-called "Moar" farms were very important: they formed part of the prince-bishop's estates and were managed as hereditary fiefdoms. The peasant farmers in the surrounding area had to pay land tax, and our ancestors were charged with collecting these taxes on behalf of the prince-bishop. They were allowed to keep a so-called "tithe" (tenth part) by way of payment.

In gardenEventOur farmhouse

The house in which we live today was built in 1687. In 1742, the farm passed into the hands of the Engl family - and has remained there until today. Meinhard is the 24th owner of the farm since records began, and the ninth in the Engl family. In 1985, the farm was designated a "maso avito" by the provincial authorities, and our family was presented with a certificate by the then governor of the province of Bolzano, Dr. Silvius Magnago. The title of "Erbhof" (maso avito) is very special, as it is only assigned to farms that have belonged to the same family for at least 200 years. The typical brick vaults and the thick stone walls of our farmhouse are still a noticeable feature.

Our farm products & breakfast basket

Delicious jams made with wholesome ingredients, fresh eggs and hay milk, yogurt, thirst-quenching syrups, tasty apple juice, and honey from our bee-hives to take home with you. Or if you book our "Gourmet breakfast basket" service with your stay, you'll receive products fresh from the farm every morning.

Farm products

In love with nature

The sun shines brightly here all day, probably because it's in love with Terento. And that's why Terento, situated on a plateau at 1,270 metres, can rightly claim the title of "village of the sun". This location and the warm sunshine have very positive effects on the fruit, which has plenty of time to ripen and develop a wonderful flavour. Nature is close to our heart. Our electricity is produced by our own photovoltaic system, while our heating and hot water system uses wood from our forests. Even our hay milk production benefits from the mild climate. The sunshine and altitude encourage the growth of certain special herbs, giving a unique taste to our milk. And if the sun retreats behind the clouds (which very rarely happens), our dryer machine allows us to harvest the hay quickly and preserve its excellent quality.


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